10 Awesome Pictures Of Angelina Jolie Without Makeup

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Angelina jollie, one of the most eminent actress in Hollywood. She is well known for her angelic beauty and her famous lips. We are all keen to know what hides behind those tons of makeup of Angelina Jolie. Due to her frequent public arrivals it is quiet easy for us to get the dirty bit about her behind her doled-up face and to our wonders, makeup or without makeup angelina jollie still looks like a million dollars.

Angelina jollie was born on June 4th 1975 in Los Angeles , California . Her parents are Jon voight and marcheline Bertrand. She acted as child artist with her father in the movie lookin get out in 1982. Angelina jollie started her professional life in 1991. She got many awards for her excellent performance in Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie Without Makeup

Angelina Jolie was awarded with two screen actors guild awards, three golden globe  awards and one academy award in her career. She was also appointed as ambassador for UNHCR in 2001.

All of we know angelina jolie is very beautiful with makeup in her movie but she is also beautiful without make up. In this article we exhibits the most popular images of angelina jolie without makeup in different times.

Angelina Jolie Without Makeup Pictures :

1. On Promotion Meet :

Angelina Jolie Without Makeup.1

Photographed sans her makeup, her flawless skin and smooth undertones keeps us amazed. Flashing her set of pearlies right back at us she follows the KISS policy (keep it simple silly). A hair band brushed backwards and put to place she looks wonderful. It is one of the most natural image of angelina jolie without makeup in public meeting.

2. Smiley Look Angelina :

Angelina Jolie Without Makeup.2

This is another picture of the Lara Croft tomb raider superstar where Angelina is again seen without make up in a broad Colgate smile this time a much humorous and excited look and even here she looks just about perfect. She is any makeup artists’ dream girl.

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3. In Public Meeting :

Angelina Jolie Without Makeup.3

Again photographed without porcelain layers, Angelina queen of hollywood, in this picture looks quite simple and yet elegant. She is just got one of those faces where looking ugly might take a big deal and carrying forward with my statement here is miss jollie in her glory with her natural locks flowing looking absolutely magnificent.

4. Angelina Jolie No  Makeup At Home :

Angelina Jolie Without Makeup.4

Even with her hair in a bun this pretty lady keeps surprising us with her heavenly beauty. Just by looking at that face makes you wonder how lucky brad Pitt is right?

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5. Relaxing Style :

Angelina Jolie Without Makeup.5

This is yet another picture where angelina jolie without make up. Those perfect eyes and that famous lip along with her defined jaws makes her look ravishingly beautiful. The hair is kept open with just a middle part.

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