10 Attractive Pictures Of Bipasha Basu Without Makeup

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One of the luscious bongs to ever make big out in an International level is none other than our all Bengali sultry Bipasha Basu. An Indian actress best known for her true beauty and a ripping body following it, Bipasha started her career like the many others, a model with big aspirations and soon she found herself making big money in her acting career.

Bipasha Basu Without Makeup

Even though there has been absolutely no doubt regarding her body. Here we have list of top 10 bollywood actress bipasha basu without makeup images, her face without makeup however was a mystery yet to be unlocked. Here you look at some beautiful images of bipasha basu without makeup.

Bipasha Basu Without Makeup Photos :

1  The Diva Without Makeup:

Bipasha Basu without makeup

Bipasha Basu, a veteran actor and fitness instructor at the age of 35 can still give the twenties run for our looks. She is bold and strong woman for her problems and up and downs in the film industry and modeling field. She is sweet and strong and a bold personality which clearly shows through her in this picture where she looks simple yet majestic, she has no makeup on and she still looks pretty.

2  The Minimalist:

bipasha basu2

Bipasha says without a little liner her days does not go well and without a little lipstick dab makeup, she does not look finished and therefore when she set out for a public event that day, she decided to wear her confidence over all along with maybe a liner. Her hair was simply parted to the sides and she looked wonderful.

3  The Bare Beauty:

Bipasha Basu without makeup 3

In one of Bipasha basu on screen roles she had to play the role of a simple house bound female individual where she had to sport a without makeup look. we all admit we look different without prior makeup, we all know this is not something that can be changed but the finality with which she carried her beauty bare was indeed admirable.

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4  The Onscreen Role Without Makeup:

Bipasha Basu without makeup 4

It is a truth established that Bipasha Basu is one of them hottest actresses still going steady about herself and in this picture of her role on screen as Shanaya, Bipasha here dazzled like a million stars as she flaunted her clear face and her rocking body emerging from a pool. Even without makeup it was evident that she looked like a million dollars in that scene.

5  The Beauty In Red :

Bipasha Basu without makeup 5

Trust Bipasha Basu to match her outfits with her hair and she would do exactly that. rocking a coral colored dress and wearing a similar reddish brown hair do, the bong beauty here looked simply fabulous as she smiled for the camera with her big sunny shades on.

6  The Elegant Lady:

Bipasha Basu without makeup 6

Bipasha is a fan of eyeliner and says that is a must have for her. you would seldom see her without one however describing oneself as a tomboy since childhood, Bipasha says she steers clear of other subsidiary makeup off camera. Hence in a special screening of one of her movies, Bipasha carried her beautiful velvet jumpsuit off with chic as she without makeup looked her flawless self.

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7  The Selfie Game:

Bipasha Basu without makeup 7

Bipasha Basu plays without make up selfie game where she curled up her pretty little puckers and pouting hard she looks fresh faced and beautiful in her selfie. Her hair was as always in always was in a warm color as she added a hint of liner to her eyes and dazzled.

8  The Throwback :

Bipasha Basu without makeup 8

This is a throwback without makeup picture of the beautiful Bipasha where she looked stunning draping herself in a simple white chiffon shirt. Her skin was as usual flawless and she looked spectacular.

9  The Trip To London:

Bipasha Basu without makeup 9

Spending a gala time during her trip to London, posing with Windsor castle as her backdrop, Bipasha Basu shows no makeup face and still managed to look diva like. She is just one of those girls who simply is flawless.

10  The Hurry Look Without Makeup:

Bipasha Basu without makeup 10

sporting a high pony with hair pulled back and sleeked down, Bipasha here looked gorgeous as she hurried past. This is one photos of bipasha basu without makeup.

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