10 Butternut Squash Benefits

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Dont we just love the harvest season? More love because Mother Nature gives us in abundance a plethora of goodies to choose from, which would help our bodies and minds to recoup and that which makes us strong too. Hence, today we would like to share with you the goodness of using butternut squash, some of the benefits which you would know already; however, lets learn more together, shall we!!

Butter Squash

Hail The Butternut Squash:

This is why we just love this humble vegetable, since butternut squash helps us with;

1. A mug of butternut squash baked and consumed gives our bodies the much needed benefits of Vitamin A, around 145 percent say dieticians and experts. The alpha and beta carotene in it is good for the body, especially the eyes.

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2. Butternut squash, contrary to it’s name has very minimal fat amounts in it. Doctors recommend the squash to be consumed by those who suffer from inflammation, since the omega 3 fats in the veggie helps combat inflammation

3. The vegetable is a good source of complex carbs, along with that, it also helps the body attain the much needed vitamin B, which means now the blood sugar levels in the body can be controlled.

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4. Coughs and colds, flus and the fever too can be combated with the consumption of butternut squash in any form, thanks to the vitamin C in it.

5. When in the form of a paste, butternut squash would help exfoliate the skin on the face from accumulation of dead skin cells. This means, the skin pores can now breathe easy and there would be a glow to the skin as well

6. For those who would like to bring their weight down or would want to manage their waist line for cosmetic and well being needs, consuming butternut squash in any form, especially as juice would help. This is because it is low in calories, low in carbs, has a gram of protein for the body’s needs and is absolutely free of cholesterol in any form. SOUPS ANYONE!!

7. Thanks to the anti-oxidants in the body, butternut squash now helps those who suffer from cancers of varied types. Beta carotene in the veggie helps fight against the perils of pollution and other elements that rest within the human body, keeping the health overall free from issues.

8. Weak bones and brittle bones too are issues most of us deal with as we age, which is why doctors and dieticians recommend the consumption of small quantities of the veggie on a weekly basis. Vitamin C, zinc, folate and iron are present in butternut squash, which are essential for the bones development and overall well-being too

9. Colon health is taken care of when butternut squash is consumed by patients, say doctors. Toxins are excreted and the bowel movements are smooth thereafter

10. When the immune system is in shape, the insides are clean and the glow on your skin would reflect on the outside, which is why a glass of butternut squash every morning on an empty stomach or at night before dinner is recommended by dieticians and experts.

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Final Words:

Do you have more benefits to share with us? If you have a recipe or more tips to let the world know, maybe a secret from grandma’s old diary on the benefits of consuming butternut squash, so let us know.

We encourage you to learn more about the benefits of butternut squash, and please do remember to speak with experts before trying any of the recipes online for holistic treatment. If there be an underlying ailment, it should be known to the doctor before any holistic administration is done.

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