9 Marvelous Pictures Of Emma Watson Without Makeup

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Now every time we think of or look at Emma Watson, we think of the stunning eyes, the gorgeous smile, the short hair, her role in Harry Potter and the works. She is a diva in the making, and take our word for that, when we all grow grey hair and lose our teeth, this pretty young thing now in her twenties would still be a stunner to reckon with.

Emma Watson Without Makeup

Emma Watson indeed is a force and she believes in making girls as beautiful as possible, in ways very natural and minimal. Her one theory is that every woman and girl on this planet should work their way up through honest means and should respect the body and features they have been blessed with. This is why Emma always admires the French actresses, for their simplicity and individuality.

Emma Watson Without Makeup in new york

According to the actress, there is nothing more seductive than just being who you are, and for the world to see that. This is so true, and that is why we see the actress in all her glory, beauty and oomph. The esteemed brand lancome too has recognized the actress’ potential and that’s why they chose her without a doubt to be their brand ambassador.

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The accomplished British actor is often seen shopping around at Portobello in London for hair accessories and the likes, sans makeup.  She believes that her acting skills does all the talking for her, and for that she chooses to be minimal in hair and make up for the needful. Hence, in real life, Emma Watson hates using make up too much and if she has her way, which she does in most cases, she walks around with no make up at all.

The actress is also studying at the moment and she doesn’t have the time to doll up before college. Yet, she knows how to look sensuous enough without make up, so here are a few pictures of Emma watson without makeup to dazzle you.

Emma Watson Without Makeup Pictures :

1  Emma Watson Without Makeup On Journey  :

Emma Watson Without Makeup 1

So you’ve seen her in the glossy covers and in the movies with makeup, startling and hot isn’t she? But what do you think does she look like without make-up, after all she is an individual who has a life off screen too, and we are sure she walks around in her PJ’s just like other girls do. Just because she is an actress, it doesn’t mean she would be caked all her life, NO!!

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2  Check That Great Skin :

Emma Watson Without Makeup 2

We all know how beautiful Emma is and she doesn’t need make up to prove that, because without make up watson makes the world turn around any which ways. Her lovely skin is what we all are fans off and she knows how to manage that too. Couple it with amazing attitude, Emma knows the ways on carrying herself in a crowd as well. so if you thought she didn’t have bad flights to catch, think again, she does and shows how to manage it in style!

3  Hardworking Is She:

Emma Watson Without Makeup 3

Emma is known for her dedication, passion and hardworking nature. Her body is lean and fit, which is why she hits the gym at least thrice a week to stay in shape. This is what she enjoys when she isn’t attending college or doing a movie. Take a look, once again without make up picture of emma watson and all natural.

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4  She Loves To Shop :

Emma Watson Without Makeup 4

Emma shops till she drops and she loves to walk and shop, which is why she burns those calories well and keeps cheerful and happy too. Just like other pretty young girls, our actress defies the need to have make up on while shopping, well who needs make up when you need to run from one store to another. Take a look at her here, on the streets and doing her thing.

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