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Is that one of those days when you are unable to concentrate at work because your stomach is grumbling? Well you are suffering from acidity. Acidity creates a lot of discomfort in the stomach.

Stomach acid

Our stomach produces acid so that it can digest the food that we eat. The body pumps in acid into our stomach so as to breakdown meal that we just ate. It is a regular phenomenon which all human beings experience.

The problem occurs when the stomach produces acid more than required. Thus we suffer from stomach acidity.

Some of the root causes of stomach acidity are as follows:

1. Nervousness:

One of the reasons of stomach acidity as current research shows that stomach acidity occurs in nervous or emotional people.

2. Heavy meal or spicy meal:

When we eat a very heavy meal or an excessively spicy meal, we face stomach acidity

3. Weight lifting:

Another research shows that excessive weight lifting and pressure on the abdominal area also causes an acid reflex and results in stomach acidity.

4. Alcohol:

Excess consumption of alcoholic beverages also results in stomach acidity.

Now that we know few of the causes of stomach Acidity, let’s get down to its remedies.

There are many simple home remedies that can be applied to cure stomach acidity:

1. Bananas:


They contain high amounts if potassium and has a high pH value. Research says that higher the pH value, the lower the acidity.

Therefore bananas are an easy remedy for stomach acidity. It also contains high am out of fibers which help in digestion and thus reduce acidity in the stomach.

2. Tulsi:


Consuming Tulsi helps in digestions and reduces gas in the stomach. Therefore Tulsi is another quick home remedy for stomach acidity.

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3. Cold milk:


Consuming cold milk reduces acid build up as it contains high amounts of calcium and stops buildup of acid as well as absorbs excessive acid in the stomach.
Since it is cold it provides a sense of relief in the stomach.

4. Sauf (Fennel):

Fennel seed

It is usually consumed as a mouth freshener in India but it has many health benefits as well. It helps in cooling the stomach and helps indigestion. Since it has such properties, it is served at most of the Indian restaurants after a meal.

5. Jeera:

Jeera helps in producing saliva, and this in turn helps indigestion. It also reduces gas in the stomach.

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6. Cloves:


Cloves once consumed help in easing the food movement down the throat into the stomach. It also helps in producing saliva when bitten as the tongue reacts to the pungent taste by producing saliva.

7. Mint:

Mint leaves

Mint or pudhina consumption helps in digestion since it contains low amounts of acid.
This leaf has multiple properties which help in combating stomach acidity.

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8. Amla:

Gooseberries in a white bowl

Amla contains high amounts of vitamin C which in turn helps in healing the stomach. Therefore this is a strongly recommended.

9. Carom seeds (Ajwain):

Carom Seeds

Carom seeds are very beneficial for people suffering from acidity. It is very effective tip as well. After consumption, you burp and all the gas comes out of your body providing a lot of relief.

Consume ajwain with a pinch of black salt. After chewing it well drink lukewarm water as it helps indigestion.

So these are some of the home remedies which can help you deal with acidity. Maintaining a well balanced healthy lifestyle is very important in order to keep away from acidity. Few specific foods don’t suit specific people. So when you think that consumption of one particular food is creating all the problem, better stop consuming it.

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