How to Make Aloe Vera Juice

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Aloe Vera juice is one health drink that is high in demand due to its wonderful healing properties. Having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it is used for medicinal purposes like curing diabetes, problems related to digestion, asthma, osteoarthritis, colitis, epilepsy, skin disorders and eyesight problems to name a few. All in all it has health benefits for the entire body. Since purchasing this juice from the market questions its purity and authenticity, people these days prefer to make it at home, but the main question is how? There are several methods and varieties of aloe Vera juice that can be prepared at home. Some of them are described below. Also mentioned are the advantages of preparing this juice at home.


Regular Aloe Vera Juice:


A mature leaf of aloe Vera, 1 cup water

The basic step in the preparation of this juice is to take an aloe Vera leaf and cut the ends and edges off with the help of a sharp knife and rip apart the anterior and posterior sides of the leaf. Now scoop out the pulp of both sides of the leaf with a spoon.

In one diagonally cut leaf one can get about 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Care should be administered to prevent the removal of the yellow membrane that can cause diarrhoea.

Take the pulp or the aloe Vera gel and blend it with one cup of water. Aloe Vera juice in this form is bland and not liked by many so many prefer to add it to a cup of juice of their choice. This juice can be used as a solution to clean wounds also since it is antiseptic in nature.

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Lemony green juice:

This aloe Vera juice preparation is as simple as the regular juice. The first step is the basic one that has to be repeated .Once the pulp is extracted. It has to blend with one peeled and cored apple, juice of one whole lemon, and 1 piece of chopped cucumber till it becomes smooth and completely liquid. This can be refrigerated and consumed up to two hours without getting affected.

Healthy Aloe Vera Juice:

Another way of preparing this juice is by changing the combinations. So now instead of cucumber one can add carrots and oranges. The first procedure is the same where in the pulp or the gel has to be scooped out.

The next step is to peel the other fruits that is apples oranges and carrots and then cut small pieces and blend all the fruits and aloe Vera gel in the mixer. A healthy and potent aloe Vera juice is ready.

This juice has to be consumed immediately with ice or refrigerating it for a couple of hours also tastes equally refreshing.

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Aloe Vera Exotica:

If you want to give special effects to aloe Vera juice and make it more appealing then chunks of pineapple and cored green apple are the exotic fruits that can be combined.

Again the first step is the basic one of removing two tablespoons of aloe Vera pulp.  Blend all the above mentioned ingredients together in the mixer for an amazing aloe Vera juice that is not only nutritious but very appealing to the palate also.

Advantages of preparing aloe Vera juice at home:

Aloe Vera juice has uncountable benefits .Preparing it at home, the best advantage is that

    You get pure and unadulterated juice unlike the ones available at market.

–    You can prepare and drink fresh juice everyday unlike the bottled one.

     If you prepare aloe Vera juice at home you can get your desired combinations and variations that can keep changing which would get rid of the monotony of drinking the same old juice every day.

To avail these benefits do get yourself a plant too and start preparing it yourself. The results are truly amazing.

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