Balasana (Child Pose) – How To Do And Benefits

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What is Balasana Yoga Pose :

Balasana is also called the child pose or child resting pose. The term “bala” in Sanskrit means child. The asana stretches the lower back and spine. This pose is mostly done as a warm up pose.

Balasana (Child Pose)

The pose would help in lengthening the spine which can be experienced while performing this asana. The pose is very comfortable and can be easily done by people of all ages. To days article will describe step step process for how to do balasana yoga pose with images and it’s benefits along with precautions, modifications and tips for starters.

How To Do Balasana (Child Pose/Child Resting Pose) And Benefits  :

Balasana Benefits :

Balasana (Child Pose) Benefits 1

  • The asana aids in stretching the hips thigh and ankles.
  • Performing this asana can relieve back aches and neck pain.
  • By performing this balasana or child pose yoga asana, the blood circulation to your head is increased.
  • This yoga asana helps to calm the brain.
  • This in-turn reduces stress and fatigue.
  • The asana is also said to massage the internal organs.

Balasana Contraindications to Consider:

1. If you suffer from chronic knee and joint aches or pains, it is advised not to do this asana.

2. If you have had an injury to the back or the knee, it is advised not to do this asana.

3. If you are pregnant, any trimester for that matter, you should not do this asana. Even if you feel you should, only do so under constant supervision of a yoga guru or an expert.

4. Never press the stomach to the knees while doing this asana.

5. Do not go beyond your limits. Yoga is for health and wellbeing, it is not a competition to reach a certain benchmark.

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