10 Attracting Pictures Of Jacqueline Fernandez Without Makeup

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Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood at this moment. She came to the film industry after being crowned Miss Shri Lanka. Currently, she is one of the most talented young beauties in the Hindi film industry and has worked with some of the best actors and actresses of Bollywood. Because of her on-screen beauty some think that she is just another plastic doll who stays covered by a pile of expensive makeup. That is not true. Jacqueline is naturally beautiful and likes to stay without putting on any makeup most of time.

Jacqueline Fernandez Without Makeup

Here some of the pics of Jacqueline Fernandez without makeup which might prove the fact that she doesn’t need makeup to look beautiful.

Jacqueline Fernandez Without Makeup Photos :

1. Jacqueline Fernandez Without makeup glam look:

Jacqueline Fernandez Without makeup 1

Jacqueline fernandez definitely knows how to maintain herself, or else who can look this much glamorous that too without makeup. She likes to display her natural beauty whenever she gets time off shooting. She is an inspiration for a lot of women who still think ten times to go out without makeup. In this image she wears white jacket with loose hair and applying a minimal lipstick on her lips only.

2. In travel mood:

Jacqueline Fernandez Without makeup 2

This picture of Jacqueline was clicked while she was about to catch a flight. Those who know her close enough might be aware of the fact, Miss Shri Lanka likes to travel a lot when she’s not shooting. Fortunately, this bollywood actress career allows to travel a lot when she’s shooting for movies.

3. At an event:

Jacqueline Fernandez Without makeup 3

Jacqueline was spotted at an event exhibiting her makeup-free face. She was looking very pretty in that dress and it seemed as if that dress was designed specifically for her. Jacqueline’s natural beauty cannot be measured by the yardstick of any beauty product.

4.  Jaclin Fernandes Without makeup Snap At Social Meet :

Jacqueline Fernandez Without makeup 4

This was the time when Jaclin Fernandes without make up was spotted at a social event sporting her natural beauty with no makeup face. Jacklin is not Indian but like almost all foreigners she loves the Indian rituals and especially our dresses. Here, she looks like an angel in the long frock and confidently rocks it better than a number of Indian girls.

5. Jacqueline Fernandez Without make up During Dance Practice:

Jacqueline Fernandez Without makeup 5

Jacqueline Fernandez photo without makeup was clicked during a dance rehearsal at an event where she was about to perform. Here, the dance queen sports a workout sort of clothes and grey coat over the T -shirt. Her brilliant physique is one of the reasons behind her popularity. You can observe how beautiful she is even sans makeup also.

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