9 Surprising Pictures Of Kangana Ranaut Without Makeup

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A refined Indian actress known for her versatility, Kangana Ranaut has been regarded as one of the best actress eluding professional performance in a wide range of roles, be it a tomboy or a home based wife. Relocating herself to Delhi, Ranaut modeled for a brief period before finally getting her break at the film industry with her movie Gangster being the first of the many.

kangana-ranaut Without makeup

She rose to critical fame with her movie Fashion that also established her as one of the best dressed actress of Bollywood and soon she went on to make some more heads turn with her movie Tanu weds Manu returns. Her flamboyant style and heavy curls have always been a signature look for her but in this article today, we get to see pics of kangana ranaut without makeup as we go through some of her normal day looks.

Kangana Ranaut Without Makeup Images :

1. Flashes From The Car:

Kangana Ranaut without makeup 1

Being a style icon is not easy to maintain but looks like Kangana does a good job at it. Sporting a striped dark blue sleeve less crop while in her car, Kangana in her all natural state looked quite comfortable being without makeup as her skin appeared radiant as ever a soft tiredness in her eyes speaking of her tough week.

2. Kangana Without Makeup In Gym :

Kangana Ranaut without makeup 2

Here we see a picture of Kangana Ranaut without makeup on the gym workout floor working on her abs as her all black get over and her pulled back pony revealed no sign of glitz but yet the glamour quotient was intact. Her face glistening with sweat from the hard work showed her spotless radiant skin tone as she continued working out. In this image she wears blue t shirt and black short with sans make up face.

3. Kangana Ranaut Without Makeup Casual Look :

Kangana Ranaut without makeup 3

The signature curled up heavy locks were tied back in this picture as her chiseled jaw line and radiant skin made her look toned and fit as always. The additional geeky glasses on her eyes added a subtle seriousness to the look as she paired her casual style with a soft grey sleeve top and makeup free face.

4. Katti Batti Still:

Kangana Ranaut without makeup 4

This is a movie still from one of her recent movies Katti Batti and in this scene she opted for the look of a minimalist, kangana ranaut makeup sans face looking absolutely beautiful. Her rosy cheeks gave way to her sparkling eyes as she flashed a wide smile in the scene.

5. Enchanting Hair:

Kangana Ranaut without makeup 5

Here is yet another Image of Kangana ranaut no makeup , this time with her signature locks freely flowing, her no makeup face looking subtle and beautiful. Let’s have a look of the gorgeous kangana without makeup face, it is definitely alluring her fans always.

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6. Kangana Makeup Less Look In Casual Day :

Kangana Ranaut without makeup 6

When kangana ranaut is not out there being a fashion icon, she is just being a normal diva in her casual summer style. The washed off ragged shorts were paired with her skin fit black top and her leather sling bag with make up free look which made her look quite the part of a trendsetter. Her open hair added to the casualness of the look as she rocked this candid look.

7. Behind The Scene:

Kangana Ranaut without makeup 7

Behind the camera on the set, here is yet another no makeup photo of kangana ranaut without makeup the hotness herself where she paired her long curls with a classy deep cut blouse but nothing can beat the brilliant smile on her face which lightened up along with her flawless skin.

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8. Fashion Cast:

Kangana Ranaut without makeup.8

The cast of Queen movie gathered together for an event for movie promotion, every one dressed in their best traditional garb and even among the other big glamour of the Bollywood Kangana stood out and prospered with little makeup.

9. Beautiful Look :

Kangana Ranaut without makeup 9

Always the trendsetter this time we see photo of Kangana without makeup sporting light sky blue sleeve less top, her blue striped tank as her hair styled down matches her casual yet classy look. This is one of the most beautiful pics of kangana ranaut without makeup which shows how natural she is even at outside.

Kangana ranaut always wants to be without makeup which means naturally like next door girl . Whenever she has no shooting, she does not apply any makeup on her face. Here you look at some best Kangana ranaut pics without makeup so please comment your opinion.

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