16 Awesome Pictures Of Katrina Kaif Without Makeup

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She is one of the most beautiful actresses in the bollywood Hindi film industry and is an all-time beauty queen. Today we are discussing Katrina Kaif’s beauty. We first sighted her on the TV screen when she got her break in the movie “Boon”. That movie wasn’t a boom for her career, but it was definitely an introduction for her in the Hindi film industry. Today after giving brilliant performances in a number of Hindi films and working with some of the best actors in the industry she has become a beauty icon for her fans and a number of young actresses as well.

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup

She also has the record of being one of the most paid Bollywood actresses ever. Her naturally beautiful looks and brilliant on-screen talent has made her one of the most publicized Bollywood actresses of the 21st century. If you are among one of those public that think that everything about Katrina is just mere makeup. Then you should check out the following 16 unseen Photos of Katrina kaif without makeup.

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup Images :

1. The Adorable Look :

Katrina Kaif without makeup 1

This is undoubtedly one of the most adorable pictures of Katrina Kaif where she exhibits the without makeup look. She looks so cute in this picture and that too without the assistance of any beauty product. Here, Katrina rocks the white outfit along with her well-done middle parted hair. Her inner peace and purity reflects on her face and makes this picture one of the best ones of this Bollywood beauty.

2. The Style Icon:

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup.2

Along with being an extremely beautiful girl, Katrina is also a style icon which is evident from this picture. This picture was clicked as she was making her way out of the Mumbai international airport. She was pretty cool with the fact that paparazzi was all around her since she was confident with her no-makeup look. She had nothing to hide. So Katrina just simply rocked that navy tunic along with black shoes with flawless skin and stylish cap which made her look ravishing. Her style is totally unique from all other actresses and celebrities out there which the reason she is so popular among all the people in Bollywood and in Indian as well.

3. katrina Kaif  Without Make up Look:

Katrina Kaif without makeup 3

All that Katrina kaif needs is a black leather jacket with skinny torned blue jeans combined with a brown sun glass. This makeup free appearance in black was captured while the Bollywood beauty was heading to Vancouver to attend an award ceremony. She rocked the black outfit and her naturally beautiful face got her all the attention that night.

4. She Loves Black:

Katrina Kaif without makeup.4

Black is probably Katrina kaif’s favorite color. Most of time she is spotted wearing black clothes. Here also, Katrina is sporting the all-black outfit, even the shoes along with her makeup-free face. This beauty hardly requires any makeup to make herself look beautiful. Unlike the previous images of Katrina kaif without makeup, here Katrina looks a bit camera sigh and wanted to avoid the paparazzi as much as possible.

5.  Katrina Without Makeup In White :

Katrina Kaif without makeup.5

This is yet another adorable picture of the Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif. Here, she rocks the casual yet beautiful white top with dark blue skin tight modern fit as she makes her way out of the studio. Katrina is all smiles here and she looked pretty confident exhibiting her without makeup face.

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