10 Unseen Natural Pictures Of Kristen Stewart Without Makeup

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An American actress who played the role of Bella Swan in the infamous Twilight Saga movie series. Kristen Jaymes Stewart began her career in 1999 with Thriller Panic Room and went on to become one of the fresh faces of the Hollywood movie scene, her role of Bella Swan giving her the final international fame. Enlisted as one of the highest paid actress, she has also made the news for romancing heart throb Robert Pattinson.

Kristen Stewart Without Makeup

Kristen Stewart being a new face was much under the critical eyes, stirring different emotions in her fan base, some loving her while some critical of her. She is now the face of Chanel and regarded as one of Hollywood’s Best actors for the buck by Forbes magazine. In this article today, we will be going through some of her best looks which shall determine if this flawless actor is actually a beauty in the real word or not. Here we have list of rare and unseen Kristen Stewart Without Makeup pictures.

Kristen Stewart Without Makeup Images :

1. Different Than The Other Times:

Kristen Stewart without makeup 1

Kristen Stewart no Makeup also has always been pretty on camera but this time she showed a different side to her prettiness as her no makeup look revealed how flawless she is through her radiant skin. Without even a spot or a freckle on herself, this beauty can be proclaimed a real stunner.

2. Behind The Camera Lens:

Kristen Stewart without makeup 2

This picture was taken on set during one of her movies, where Kristen Stewart appeared in a white jersey T-shirt her hair tied back and brushed with the shades while her no makeup look showed us evidence of why she is such a flawless beauty. Even though the tiredness in her eyes were evident, Kristen did rock the casual look quite well.

3. Kristen Stewart Without Makeup Fresh Face:

Kristen Stewart without makeup 3

Snuggled up in her hoodie and jacket, Kristen Stewart in this picture has her unkempt hair on leash with a high pony as she felt comfortable in her without makeup look, showing off her spotless skin that looked radiant even without cakes of makeup layering up on her face.

4.  Kristen Stewart Without Makeup Closeup Look :

Kristen Stewart without makeup 4

The evident beauty that she beholds on clearly stated in this close up picture of Kristen where her rosy cheeks on display shows a warm cuddly Stewart in her cold day garb smiling cheekily at the camera, her soft features accounting to her beauty. If you observe the her face, clearly it has sans makeup that too alluring like other makeup stills.

5. Nerd Up:

Kristen Stewart without makeup 5

Going with the trend, the big glasses on cute Kristen Stewart’s face suited her real well as she made her way out, a small pendant and a free white tee being her “casual day look” wear and she did not apply any branded make up on her face. Her hair open was messily contained to one side in this picture.

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