10 Awesome Pictures Of Megan Fox Without Makeup

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A small time television actress, Megan Fox finally got her big break in the movie Transformers acting against yet another fresh face, Shia LaBeouf. Known worldwide for her ravishing beauty and a strong female activist, Megan has often been seen as a sex icon dazzling the international charts. Her next big hit was in 2009 with her black horror film Jennifer’s body and has soon bagged the front covers of fashion magazines like Maxim and Rolling Stone. In other words, Meghan Fox without makeup also looks so sexy.

Megan Fox Without Makeup

When it comes to the reel world, there is no barring for Megan Fox as she looks explicitly hot in any of her roles. However, stars as we often know are usually professionally retouched on camera screens and it all comes down to the stars in the real world to make it big by showing if they really can carry that grace of camera or not. Here we have Images of megan fox without makeup which have never seen before.

 Pics Of Megan Fox Without Makeup :

1. Being Casual:

Megan fox without makeup 1

a grey T-shirt and a loose blue denims was the causal look for the day as Megan fox no makeup in this photo looking perfectly hot as she continues with her day. Her hair tied at the back kept her look tidy as she walked beside her then looking fit as always.

2. Megan Fox Without Makeup Weekend Outing :

Megan fox without makeup 2

Trust Megan to pair her formal trousers with a skin fit black tank and still look beautiful doing so. This picture was taken while she was out and about weekend when she has no shooting, her face baring no makeup. As her hair was let free falling on her shoulders her face looked perfectly air brushed even without makeup.

3. Beach Day:

Megan fox without makeup 3

After taking a dip in the water, Megan Fox walked on the beach showing of her toned mid rib as her black and black bikini top brought out the fitness quotient in her. Sporting some perfect toned tummy, Megan fox without makeup still appeared radiant.

4. Shopping For Necessities:

Megan fox without makeup 4

A easy style and hair in a bun, Megan was seen shopping for some essential cosmetics during one of her free days and here we see her without makeup professional touches look a bit pale. However, true to her self, Megan kept the makeup for some other day, this time just focusing on finishing up with her investments.

5. Running Errands:

Megan fox without makeup.5

Once again we see Megan out and about running errands on the street but this time her style was something more than just a lazy day. fitted pants and a skin tight turtleneck was paired with a high knot as she without makeup walked down the street looking bright and beautiful.

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