9 Fantastic and Simple Mehndi Designs for Legs

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One of the leading body art form besides tattoo has been recognized as mehandi designs made from the safest most organic form of shrubs found in and around the local areas. Prevalent mostly to countries like India, Pakistan and related, henna as the dye product is called is found in a powdered form that is made into a paste, the stain of which leaves a mark called the mehendi.

mehndi designs for legs

Mehandi is most post popular in india because high class and low class people like and decor their hands and legs with mehandi designs.Even though your hands and your shoulder has been recognized as one of the most common body art form, mehendi designs look flawless on your legs as well. One of the reasons why we have created this article today that brings out the beauty in the leg mehndi designs.

Mehndi Designs For Legs:

Given below are some of the fabulous mehandi designs for legs that are worthy a view. Even beginners also can easily learn this type of simple leg mehandi designs.

1. Fishnet Mehndi Designs For Legs:


Much like an elaborate stocking or sock, the base of the feet is covered with beautiful fishnet mehendi patterns as the vertical trail of flowers all along the leg looks mesmerizing. Done in soft gold and brown patterns, the subtle shading on the flower petals add to the finishing. Are you a bride girl, are you looking for beautiful bridal mehendi designs for legs to make your wedding more attractive, then adapt this leg mehendi design.

2. Simple Arabic Mehandi Designs For Legs:


A little color makes a look completely different and playing the same cards here, in this mehendi design for legs has a cluttered traditional patterns gracing the feet as a strip of intertwined nets give way to a beautiful sunflower on top. The use of dazzling purple glimmering color adds to the beauty of the designed pattern. These types of mehndi designs for legs arabic style make your marriage more colorful.

3. Tribal Mehndi Designs For Legs :


Unlike the other floral designs on the usual mehendi art, in this leg mehndi design portray a wild flower, a tribal kind that has intricate details etched on it which makes this mehandi design unbelievably beautiful. The precision is evident in the soft patterns etched on the leaves while the use of chocolate brown and soft gold makes this wonderful. Do you want make leg mehndi designs easy to learn, then start with this type of simple and cool mehendi design for legs.

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4. Webbed Mehandi Designs For Legs :


Creativity has no restriction when it comes to mehendi art forms and this mehndi design for legs is exactly why we should let our imaginations flow as we create one masterpiece after the other. This mehandi art form is heavily patterned with netted webs being used as a base, soft floral background at the back adding to the look. Mostly you can see this type of leg mehendi designs in bridal wedding occasion in south india.

5. Feathered Flowers Mehendi Designs For Legs:


The last to the list portrays yet another designer pattern that includes a different kind of flower mehendi pattern. In this mehndi design for leg starting from the middle of the toe, a beautiful anklet strip graces the bit while emerging right from its crack is a beautiful beaded floral and vine mehendi. A bride girl can easily adorn this type of leg mehandi designs of bridal art for her wedding occasion.

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