9 Pretty Pictures Of Preity Zinta Without Makeup

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When she is not being a celebrity and a veteran actress, she is playing the role of a social activist, a stage performer and a television presenter. She is the multi talented pretty face of the Bollywood Tinsel town, Preity Zinta. The verb prettiness is hidden away within her face from Day 1 as the beauty hustled up into the scene with her debut Dil se. Soon enough she became one of the most common faces of Bollywood film industry, performing variety roles with versatility.

Preity Zinta Without Makeup

Even though she has somewhat resigned from being a household name in the film industry, it is still good to know Preity carries her handsome charm till this day. The sugary dimpled smile sprinkled with cute sparkling eyes were always her signature style and now much more mature she is still is that same flawless beauty. Below some of the pictures of  Preity Zinta without makeup that would let your know her prettiness is eternal.

Preity Zinta Without Makeup Images :

1.  Preity Zinta Without Makeup Traditional Look:

Preity Zinta Without Makeup 1

Preity Zinta in this picture had absolutely no makeup on and still flourished and prospered looking fit as always. Her spotless skin was evidence of her unleashed beauty while her no liner eyes as usual seemed sparkling. From the flawlessness of her skin you can easily tag her as still one of the hot faces of the industry.

2. Movie Still Of Preity Zinta Without Makeup:

Preity Zinta Without Makeup 2

This picture is taken form one of her movie scenes where she appeared without makeup. This side view picture once again reveals the evident loss of makeup and yet makes her look quite pretty. Her hair held back with a shower cap or surgical cap gave way to her still toned jaw line.

3. The Signature Style:

Preity Zinta Without Makeup 3

Here we see the long longing signature smile that sets her apart from the others. The dimpled smile has always been one of her best attributes as she sports it beautifully on one of her games, her team jersey in white and red accentuating her color tone, bringing out the rosiness on her cheeks. In this picture she has a fantastic look with great smiles and sans  makeup that too alluring her fans.

4. Brightness:

Preity Zinta Without Makeup 4

This image still is probably from one of her interviews where she appeared without makeup or maybe just opted for a bare minimum required look. Her hair parted from the side looked beautiful as she smiled sweetly her plump lips and her big starry eyes revealing her innocence.

5. Back in The Changing Locker:

Preity Zinta Without Makeup 5

As she and her friend, actor Ranbir Kapoor posed for a backstage picture on one of her games, Preity as always looked gracious in her red jacket suit paired with a white blouse underneath as the dup oozed trendsetting vibes, with makeup free face which looking elegant like always.

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