Top 9 Beautiful and Easy Punjabi Mehndi Designs

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Mehndi is a form of body art especially prevalent in Eastern countries, particularly, India, Pakistan and related where this is one of the most common and well settled from of body art, temporary yet effective. Now India is a country of varied secular and ethnic religions and in today’s topic we shall explore the grand farms and lush green fields of Punjab the capital city of Rastaban in India.

Punjabi Mehndi Designs

Punjab is a city of rich ethnicity, rich cultures and even richer heritage, some of which is exposed on their art forms. Mehendi being an art form has a different section of mehandi designs devoted entirely to the Punjab culture. There are several punjabi mehendi designs for hands and legs. In this article we came up with different types of latest and simple bridal punjabi mehndi designs collection. Flowers form an important part of these designs which are usually made of vines and traditional patterns.

Different Punjabi Mehndi Designs:

1. Religion Punjabi Mehandi Designs:

Religion Punjabi Mehndi Designs 8

What attracts us about this punjabi mehendi design is not the one handed art collaborating with the free hand but also the highlight being, the use of traditional temple tops as a part of the design. While the palms fill up with embroidery of the finest quality, the flowers in the middle gives way to a beautiful temple topped dome on the inner wrists. These types of punjabi mehndi designs for hands are very innovative and have modern look from olden days.

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2. Bridal Punjabi Mehandi Designs:

Bridal Punjabi Mehandi Designs 2

Mehandi is widely used during the weddings as a sign of grace, elegance and beauty and here is a perfect bridal mehndi design with a chakra and check board on the back hand. The soft floral patterns in full and half look marvelous with a heavy design embracing the wheel and the check boards at the back. These types of punjabi mehandi designs for hands are perfectly suitable for indian brides in wedding functions.

3. Punjabi Mehendi Designs For Wedding:

Punjabi Mehndi Designs For Wedding 9

The above Punjabi mehndi design for hands is perfectly suitable for wedding brides. In this mehandi design total art very interesting and give glamorous look to your hands. You can wear this even small parties also.

4. Beautiful Punjabi Mehendi Designs:

Beautiful Punjabi Mehandi Designs 6

Punjabi mehndi art has always been so precise and yet so filled, so elegant and yet so intricate and here is another classic traditional mehendi design with a big chakra halved from the middle embracing each hand. Wild patterns go all the way, spreading itself throughout the palm while half flowers cling on to the wrists. A bride girl definitely adore this type of punjabi bridal mehndi designs for her wedding in India.

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5. Chakra Punjabi Mehndi Designs:

Chakra Punjabi Mehndi Designs 4

Here’s a simple yet classy design that allows simplicity to flourish over elegance as the mehendi design shows an intricate structure of embroidered fingers sporting nets, flowers and golden dots that lead to the middle of the palm where we see a big chakra filled with embroidery, so precise and intricate that it looks incredible.

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