10 Best Pictures Of Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup

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Rakhi Sawant is a popular TV personality and her career demands her to always be in the limelight. Hence, maintaining herself and keeping up with the updating trends in fashion is crucial. To look beautiful, these celebrities are often beautified with makeup and a lot of beauty touch ups which ultimately make them look camera-ready.

Rakhi Sawant without makeup

But with the help of press and media the fans can sometimes get to see some of the faces which are not adorned with beauty products and that is a time when they realize that there are some celebrities who look equally beautiful even without wearing any makeup. She is one of them and here are the top 10 Rakhi Sawant without makeup pictures.

Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup images :

1. Rakhi Sawant Playing Holi :

Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup.1

Rakhi Sawant was spotted with another celebrity of the TV channel Colors at an event where they were all celebrating ‘Holi’, the festival of colors together. Obviously, she was wearing no makeup that day. Though she was covered in healthy colors, we can figure out that she was looking pretty attractive that too without sporting any makeup at all.

2.  Rakhi Savant Without  Makeup With Glasses :

Rakhi Sawant without makeup 2

In this picture, Rakhi shows off her voting right to the camera lens as she flaunts her index finger with the black mark generally given after casting the vote. Here in this image she did not wear any makeup on her face. She sports a green coat over a white shirt and no makeup on her face as alluring it is.

3. Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup Look :

Rakhi Sawant without makeup 3

The picture of Rakhi Sawant without makeup shows that she looks like very glamorous. She is naturally beautiful and does not require any additional beauty products and makeover to make herself look more alluring.

4. The Bollywood Bombshell:

Rakhi Sawant without makeup 4

Rakhi Sawant is well-known for her on-screen exposure of hotness. She is also a very talented performer at the same time. On the right is a picture of Rakhi without makeup and on the left is the picture of Rakhi without any makeup. She looks extremely beautiful in this picture as she sports her natural beauty without the assistance of any beauty product.

5. An Old Picture:

Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup.5

This is an old picture of Rakhi Sawant, where she appears in red shirt and no makeup at all. Her hair is properly done like free fall style, but she doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact as she is aware of the fact that she is naturally beautiful.

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