Top 9 Simple And Easy Rangoli Designs Without Dots

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Rangoli is an efficient form of home decor where your house lightens up with different designs and patterns through the use of various colors. Traditional patterns form the base of the product where an extensive variety of lovely designs tie the cultures together forming a brilliant work of art. Rangoli patterns are usually made from ground rice which makes it an absolute safe option. However, amongst all the designs, this article will look into the different patterns and designs rangoli has but this time we will only consider the ones without dots in them.

Different Types Of Rangoli Designs Without Dots :

1. Simple Matte Colors :

Rangoli Designs Without Dots 1

A beautiful painting has been made through this rangoli that uses soft earthen colors to create a blooming flower  in shades of fiery red and yellow. The four corners of the flower showcases soft flower pods with green buds, a splash of blue adding zeal to the look.

2. Color Panorama Rangoli Designs Without Dots:

Rangoli Designs Without Dots 2

This time the colors are bright and brilliant bringing out a pop side to the colors. Within the circle there are concentric layers of smaller circles each circle being segregated by white lace like rangoli pattern. Each quadrant of the circle sports a sparking color.

3. In Shades Of Gold Rangoli:

Rangoli Designs Without Dots 3

This rangoli has a golden layer attached to the top layers that gives off a nice sun baked look while the outer line or the base is made of full black. Once again we see concentric circles and within it this time there are layers of rectangle. There is a sunflower in the middle that adds to the grace of the look.

4. kaleidoscope :

Rangoli Designs Without Dots 4

Much like an extravagant royal ceiling decor, this rangoli art carries within itself a beautiful kaleidoscopic design of vibrant glimmering colors. The center chakra in the middle adds a fiery edge to the look while the outer rims in metallic shades look absolutely stunning.

5. Laced In White Rangoli Without Colors :

Rangoli Designs Without Dots 5

Paisley pattern adds a certain amount of elegance to the look and what heightens the grace of the look is the beautiful use of white rangoli color that resembles fine lacing. A compact and full pattern made with floral designs fills in the paisley pattern and adds body to the rangoli.

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