9 Best Sebamed Shampoos Available In India With Prices

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Hair is an integral part of our body. It is so because when you have thick, long, beautiful and shiny hair, you can do any kind of hairstyles that you will like but if you don’t have good hair then it becomes very difficult to get into a new look every day. But good things in life come with a cost too. If you have good hair then you will have to maintain it well otherwise you will have hair problems such as dandruff, itchiness and dryness of the scalp or maybe even excessive oil on the scalp. To take care of your hair with medically approved shampoos, Sebamed has launched a range of shampoos that are very effective in maintaining hair quality.

Sebamed is a brand of the sebapharma. Sebamed aims at cleansing and nourishing the skin and hair without causing any damage. Enriched with clinically tested ingredients, Sebamed has placed a status for itself among the consumers. And the success of Sebamed can be understood with their customer reviews which are simply outstanding. Here’s a list of some of the Sebamed shampoos along with features benefits and prices in india which you could consider using.

Best Sebamed Shampoo Products Available In India With Prices:

1. Sebamed Scalp Activating Shampoo:

Sebamed Scalp Activating Shampoo 1

Combined with caffeine, the Sebamed scalp activating shampoo helps to promote blood flow in the scalp. Ginkgo biloba, a natural extract from the Asian ginkgo tree helps to nourish and strengthen the hair roots. This sebamed shampoo also promotes hair growth and enhances the hair quality.

Price: 200 ml for INR 1032

2. Sebamed Everyday Shampoo For All Hair Types:

Sebamed Everyday Shampoo 2

The Sebamed everyday shampoo is one hundred percent soap free and also alkali free. With it delicate fragrance, it helps to keep the hair clean and the hair structure intact for healthy shiny hair. This sebamed shampoo also contains moisture retaining properties that penetrate through the hair shaft and helps to add volume and keep the hair silky and shiny. This shampoo is suitable for all your hair types and gives clear and smooth scalp. You can use this on regular basis which means thrice a week is enough for good cleaning and health hair.

Price: 200 ml for INR 489

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3. Sebamed Children’s Shampoo:

Sebamed Children’s Shampoo 3

Why would you keep your child away from the goodness of Sebamed? After researching for about 30 years, Sebamed has come out with this hypoallergenic soap free product line which is also no-tear formulated. This sebamed shampoo is an excellent product for your little angel baby. It is one of the excellent sebamed shampoos for children which never harms to baby skin.

Price: 150 ml for INR 436

4.Sebamed Extreme Dry Skin Relief Shampoo With 5% Urea:

Sebamed Extreme Dry Skin Relief Shampoo 4

With a pleasant delicate fragrance, this Sebamed daily shampoo is designed to be soap free and alkali free. Due to its moisture retaining properties, it is able to moisturize the hair shaft well and besides promoting hair growth, it also reliefs from the itching scalps and helps in keeping the hair shiny.

Price: 200 ml for INR 1332

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5. Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo:

Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo 5

Are you suffering from dandruff ? Use this Sebamed anti dandruff shampoo, is a product from Germany. This can remove dandruff from scalp permanently with in couple of washes that was tested clinically. It helps to retain moisture in the hair shaft. Also, This shampoo helps to keep the hair shiny and healthy scalp.

Price: 200 ml for INR 630

6. Sebamed Extra Mild Shampoo:

Sebamed Extra Mild Shampoo 6

This is an extremely mild shampoo of sebamed which is not only soap free but also alkali free. Developed with the latest technology, this shampoo will end up disappointing you if you decide to use it. This was developed for your children who has soft and delicate skin.

Price: 150 ml for INR 868

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7. Sebamed Every Day Shampoo, Normal To Dry Hair:

Sebamed every day shampoo, Normal to dry hair

This shampoo from Sebamed is suitable for people having normal to dry hair. It also helps in retaining moisture and adding volume. It is one hundred percent soap free and alkali free. It has no parabens, hypoallergenic and non-irritating.

Price: 200 ml for INR 630

8. Sebamed Anti Hair Loss Shampoo:

Sebamed shampoos

If you are not sure about which anti hair loss shampoo you should go for then cut your search short and pick up a bottle of Sebamed anti hair loss shampoo. This shampoo reduces hair loss by activating scalp functions.

Price: 200 ml for INR 537

9.Sebamed Revitalizing Shampoo For Dry Hair:

Sebamed Revitalizing Shampoo 9

This sebamed shampoo is a perfect product for shiny hair, bouncy and radiant hair. which is excellent for treating scalp irritation and dry hair. It is one of the best sebamed shampoos for dry hair which keeps hair healthy.

Price: 200 ml for INR 990

The products from Sebamed are trustworthy.

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