11 Unseen Beautiful Pictures Of Sridevi Without Makeup

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Over the years, many actresses have made their make in the Hindi film industry. Among them only are a few have been able to make a significant spot in our hearts. Renowned actress Sridevi is one them. During her time she was considered as one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry and was known for her dance moves and extravagant display of beauty in the movies.

Sri Devi Without Makeup

Sridevi acted in many Telugu,Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil movies in those days and stolen all people’s hearts. She got very famous in telugu and tamil industry with her natural performance. This south indian actress acted with all superstars in telugu and tamil industry. Sridevi has many more fans for her makeup beauty and without makeup beauty as well as. This Bollywood diva is still beautiful and, this time, she shows her natural beauty. Here are some of the best Sridevi without makeup pictures which will leave you amazed.

Sridevi Without Makeup Images :

1. Sridevi With Her Family:

Sri Devi Without Makeup 1

pic of Sridevi no makeup was spotted at the airport with her husband and two daughters. Here, she appeared in black ash top and black pant with lathered hand bag. As she rocked her awesome physique even at this age. This senior bollywood actress has worked hard enough to get at the place where she is.

2.  Sridevi Without Makeup Old Snap:

Sri Devi Without Makeup 2

Here is a photo of Sridevi without makeup with her baby girl as she sports her naturally beautiful face as well. She is blessed with flawless skin which has a glow attached to it all the time. Here, she is wearing a blue shirt and exhibiting her beautiful smile. Without a doubt, Sridevi was one of the most beautiful actresses of her time even without makeup also.

3. Sridevi Without Makeup In White Dress :

Sri Devi Without Makeup 3

This is a picture of Sridevi without makeup and her husband which was clicked while the retired Bollywood beauty attended function of her family friends. She was rocking the white loose shirt and black skin tight fit at bottom and looked pretty attractive even though she was wearing no makeup and no accessories also.

4. Sri Devi Without Makeup in Saree :

Sri Devi Without Makeup 4

This is a still of Sridevi without makeup from a movie she did recently. The movie was meant to be her comeback to the Hindi film industry, but she herself had no such plans for her career. She just did the movie as she loved acting. In this movie her character demand natural beauty, which means without makeup. All the the time in movie she sports minimal house wife makeup only.

5. The Original Diva:

Sri Devi Without Makeup 5

Sridevi is the original diva of Bollywood and south indian film industries. Here, you look at beautiful pic of sridevi without makeup in that pink shirt and jeans while she was snapped at the inauguration of a yoga center. She was the chief guest there and all eyes were on her and she completely rocked the natural and casual look.

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