10 Best Temporary Tattoo Designs

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Not many people are sure when it comes to making a decision of having a permanent mark on their bodies with tattoo designs.The cause of worry rises that what if they don’t like it after tattoos done.

Temporary Tattoo Designs

So, the best thing to is, get a temporary tattoo, which last for a few weeks or months at the most. Temporary tattoo designs are the best way to get ink without worrying about the permanent factor. Temporary tattoos are usually used for special events and last for around three weeks but are removed easily if washed properly. Temporary tattoo designs are a great party favor and require a very minimal amount of money therefore exploit this wonderful resource offered by many tattoo artists and get inked temporarily today.In this article we discussed about different types of temporary tattoo designs for men and women along with images and meanings.

Different Types Of Temporary Tattoo Designs :

1. Henna Tattoo Designs :

Henna mehendi designs

These are done during religious ceremonies in India, and they are not at all painful. They are mostly done on the palm and extended till the forearm. It can even be done on the feet till the calf. They look like beautiful engravings and can come off easily in a few days time. So these henna temporary tattoo designs are easily sported and easily removed without wasting time and pain.

2. Temporary Butterfly Tattoo Designs :

Butterfly tattoo

One of the most popular designs for temporary tattoo is the butterfly. It is available as stickers in supermarkets and can be easily imprinted on your body and come in a few days time. So if you are actually wanting to get a permanent tattoo of a butterfly you can first use the temporary tattoo one and see how it looks! Not a bad idea at all.

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3. Temporary Quote Tattoos For Men :

Quote tattoos

These quote tattoos are widely available in shops, some famous quote stickers, and girls love to have their favorite quote written on their body, and it goes away in a few days, which is okay, judging how fickle girls are with their moods! Men can easily sport these temporary tattoos also.

4. Cartoon Tattoos For Kids :

Cartoon tattoos

This has been an instant favorite of every kid. A tattoo of your favorite cartoon, to make your childhood a lot cooler than the other kids? Seems perfect. These stickers are skin friendly and easily removed when your kid feel bored. These are the perfect temporary tattoo designs for kids.

5. Dangerous Tattoo Designs:

Dangerous tattoo designs

These tattoos can be done by temporary ink and not much painful, they last for a few months and can go away after you have crossed the ‘showcasing your dangerous side’ phase.

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